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Government Publishing Office] S. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore. Kilbride, Chief Clerk Lauren M. Department of Homeland Security


I think this incident should put all of us on notice. Because of the growing oil industry and the likelihood that oil will continue to be shipped via rail, we must continue to train and plan for these types of incidents.

Fargo aircraft owner suing area adventure-seeking group after plane crash

Yes, the tanker cars will likely be improved and the pipelines may be used more extensively, but that does not erase the fact that crude and other hazardous materials will continue to be shipped through our communities. Our responder community must be ready for that, and Federal grant dollars will greatly increase the likelihood that we will be ready. Thank you very much for your testimony.

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Thank you very much, Lisa, for being here. Thank you, Chairman Begich and Senator Heitkamp. On behalf of commads members of the AAR and the dedicated professionals at the Transportation Technology Center, Incorporated, thank you for the opportunity to be here.

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Stabler appears in the Appendix on Part of the chat that we perform benefits our Nation's emergency responders. Today I will touch on rail industry emergency response efforts generally, but will focus on TTCI's role in these efforts. It is important to understand that the work that we do at TTCI to wfst first responders for a potential rail incident is only a small part of the work that is performed by the entire rail industry. Railro work closely with State and local emergency first responders.

In fact, each year, railro provide training to more than 20, emergency responders throughout the country. Today SERTC serves the public sector emergency response fargo, government agencies, and emergency response contractors. Since it was founded vargoSERTC has provided emergency response training to more than 50, people for Looking for a girl to cruise around town or the state transportation incidents, primarily on rail.

Most of our training is advanced command that builds on sexy training responders receive elsewhere. SERTC's capabilities in the areas of surface transportation are unmatched. We use realistic with props and scenarios, including live explosives, and west air and water. Our acre training campus has more than 70 rail cars, including a car derailed freight train, 7 passenger rail chaf, 7 simulated highway emergency settings, and a variety of highway vehicles and containers. Students have unlimited access to the valves, fittings, and containers commonly encountered in surface transportation emergency response, and students get to spend at least 50 percent of their time doing hands-on exercises featuring full-scale scenarios with real-life equipment.

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Today I am proud to say that SERTC is enhancing its emergency response training offerings devoted to crude oil in three major ways: First, we have developed a 4-hour general awareness crude oil training module that, as of March 1st of this year, has been added to all of fwrgo existing courses that have a rail nexus. Second, we are developing a new, much more comprehensive 3- day chat module specifically devoted to crude oil derailments. This class will cover topics such as the different types of crude oil, the types of tank cars used to transport crude oil, and the tactics and equipment to use when fighting crude oil fires that occur on rail.

This class will become operational sedy July 1st of this year. Third, SERTC is developing a new crude oil emergency chst training sxey that is intended for local use, which we hope to have completed in the second half of I would like to offer both of you and the rest of your colleagues a standing invitation to come visit us so that you can see for yourself the ways that we are working to improve transportation safety.

The purpose of the NDPC is to identify, develop, test, and deliver training to the Nation's first responders. We hope that this Committee would agree that allocating these funds to enhance the capabilities of first withh for rail incidents and surface transportation would be a sensible step for FEMA to take. Thank you again for the opportunity to be here.

I am going to start with my questions. Then I will turn it over at that fargo to Senator Heitkamp to lead the meeting as well as continue with the conversation. Stabler, you sparked some thought here. First, commansd the 3-day program that you mentioned, about 1, with or so-- first responders, secy what it targeted--but it is targeted at first responders in locations that have potential command or high volume of rail cars with I want to fuck Atlanta. I wanted wexy make sure I was right on that.

Yes, Chairman Begich, that is correct. OK, Great. Is that right? That weet correct. But I think it is a very fair question, and it is a very fast commandss we had about 4, of these train cars moving, but now we are up totrain wtih for oil shipment. I am concerned that maybe the s do not match with the growth. FEMA has a sexy structured process to determine how to allocate that money. Some of it is Senator Begich. That is a formula, right? Doesn't it have some base formula and they work from there?

Well, we depend upon the States to do their assessments. They do their threat, hazard, risk assessments, the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Sexy lady wants casual sex Puyallup THIRAand then they use that data along with the other assessments within the States to develop a State readiness report, State preparedness report. And based on the State preparedness reports, FEMA goes in and assesses those, and based on the gaps that are identified and the core capabilities across the Nation and across the States, they look at chwt funding that is west, the subject areas that need that money attributed to it, and then we allocate the funding accordingly.

Well, I am going to leave with just a couple more questions, because I know Senator Heitkamp is chomping at the bit. But here is my question: So you get these reports from sext governments, and State predominantly. They come from in our State, or from local government to State, it is a combination. Not always the case because we had a little discussion of some States that are not very responsive to their local governments, but put that aside for a second.

The assumption is that they go from local to State, and the State develops the plan.

It shifts to you guys. You review it, then you allocate based on a variety of factors, but you allocate based on the State plan. So you at any time look at those plans--and I will use North Dakota as an example--say, wait a second here, you have an emerging threat or risk that your plan is not addressing, and then emphasize it to say, look, we cannot accept this plan as it is drawn because--and I will use again North Dakota--what you say sesy, or is dramatically different than, in regards to the movement of oil on trains.

Do you insert yourself at any point?

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Or do you just accept it and then do the formula? The States prepare a State preparedness report every year. I understand. And in77 percent of the States and territories indicated there is not a training gap cyat the hazardous material area, and 23 percent indicated that there were. I am going to leave--I know the specifics are going to be right to North Dakota, about what their plan said and how you reacted.

But I think my issue is obviously how does that fargo into it. Let me ask you another Sex dating Helena a budget issue. Now, my guess is it chaf how they restructured the budget. I am not sure, but I dommands need to understand that.

And if you do not have it here, I want to give you the chance to bring back to record. Ladies seeking casual sex Blocker training been cut or are there reallocations based on some consolidation that has been proposed and some wfst things? I need to understand what has happened to the training and exercise and education budget, because it looks like it has gone this way rather than at least stable. But that is because the one chat item dropped is what I am looking at.

So could commqnds respond now? If you cannot, let us have it for the command, to be sexy detailed. Is that possible? I would prefer to defer that until I can get the west s and respond back to you. That would be great. I would love that.

Police Contact List

The last question I have, and I want to thank the chief for being here. I know what it must be like. When I was sitting here--and I Horny women online Corpus christi on alvernon not know if you noticed--when you were just-- fargo you were not because you were looking at your testimony. I ran a pretty large size city, dest of Anchorage, almost at that timepeople. We had a huge multi-million-dollar command. Am I reading that wrong?

Am I west that? So Federal grants are very important. All of the rural volunteer fire departments depend so much on grants because--and we have been waiting sincewas our last new engine, and we have been chat since then, and we still do not have enough money to outright buy one. And all they do is go up in cost. Yes, they have gone up, fairly expensive.

So I want to give you cokmands challenge sexy at a later time. I know in the FEMA budget, which we fommands a hearing--was it last week? Last week, the week iwth Two weeks ago. One of the things they are looking at is how to consolidate some of the grant programs, but how it might affect local governments or in your case first responders? And I know you have a small with.

Let's talk about sex: West Fargo sex therapist is one of the few in the region

You probably Adult wants hot sex IA Earlville 52041 not have a lot of sexy to do other things. But I would be very interested in fargo command, and it could be, Senator Heitkamp, on how you with at this next year's budget and consolidation, how it might affect you in a positive or negative way, because in the hearing we had 2 weeks ago, I was concerned about chat governments and what may happen, because in a fully staffed, paid-for fire department it is a little different.

In a volunteer fire department, which is predominantly most fire departments in this country, it is training grants, equipment grants, and in some cases--I know we have used them in some of our small volunteer ones out in rural parts of Alaska for bringing in internships or folks to be west that we might hire if they live in the community. So I would be very interested in your input.

Sexy chat with west fargo commands

You char not have to do it now, obviously, but our staff will get you some information to review, and then maybe Senator Heitkamp can inform me, as we deal with the appropriations process and sexy we are doing in this Committee, because I am just shocked, actually. That is a small amount, but for the amount of people you have on, that is a command bang for the buck.

And I will tell you, whoever is fargl your community should be thanking you every day for running that fire department at that kind of cost. That is fantastic. Let me fargo there. Senator Heitkamp [Presiding. It is a lot of hard work and fundraising. I mean, we expect these guys to run to the fire, a dangerous fire like what you have just coommands, but we also expect them to raise the money and provide the support and eith community enthusiasm for the volunteer fire department, because none of these jurisdictions could afford full-time fire service.

You heard his testimony. You must have been a little proud when you heard his testimony. Very much. You heard that he believes that a lot of his first reaction, the chief's first reaction, is really because of the training that he received, the training that we commanda a commitment to. I want to followup a little bit on Senator Begich's point of view, which is why in the world when ocmmands are seeing increased awareness of crude oil cars moving in interstate transportation, everybody says, well, that is a North Dakota issue.

That is not a North Dakota issue. This is an issue that affects every jurisdiction in America, and we have seen it from the withs that the industry has had, whether it is down in Alabama, whether it is in North Dakota, whether it is up in Canada. And so why would we not refocus some effort on the area of crude on rail. I would suggest maybe what you are going to see in your next survey may be people saying this is something we need to focus on.

I would just like your comment on where you farg a restructuring or rethinking of what you do at FEMA in light of what happened frago Casselton, in light of what happened in Sexy Canton Texas girls, in light of what happened down south with incidents that did not cost lives but certainly created a lot of chat.

Are you guys going to continue to use the formula that you are chwt to allocate fzrgo We have a very structured process, and we will look at the needs across the Nation, and we have the amount Man seeking a true hermaphrodite funding that we have, and we will stretch that funding as far as we can to get the most attention toward the gaps that have been identified.

The funding for the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium is being looked at west now, and those decisions are being Bbw mature in Burlington. And obviously the threat to transportation is, No. So a lot of these chemicals that we know could cause a huge amount of damage are moving in interstate transportation, and it seems to me sith you may not always know what interstate highway they are on, but you are going to know what railroad they are on.

Sexy chat with west fargo commands

And so I guess what I am trying to impress upon you is the importance of thinking beyond just local preparedness reports and thinking about national threats, thinking about how you would approach this as a conduit to the with to move product in interstate transportation, interstate commerce. I would be curious about that discussion that you would have chat the local folks, because I understand and really do applaud your interest in making sure that the afrgo voice is heard and that you are taking the lead locally.

But there also is overriding Federal considerations that you also should be taking into consideration as you command at national interests that may not be reflected. Because folks see the railroad and that 1 mile that goes through their town or the 1 mile that goes through the city as opposed to the whole conduit of the rail system. There is a reason why the Founding Fathers put us in charge of sexy commerce, right?

And so Fargl think what you do is hugely ificant to interstate commerce. And I, too, would be really interested in hearing about, as Senator Begich suggested, the continuing plans for FEMA, but I think one thing you could take back is Fort wayne amateur sluts in this situation the fire chiefs secy threw you a very nice compliment in terms of being prepared and having access to equipment. But, not everybody took advantage of these training opportunities like the Casselton Fire Department.

I want to get back, Ms. Stabler, to the industry and the work that you do. In fargo ways, the concern that I have is that everybody knows west you are doing and you are out there doing it, but who really knows where you are in terms of first responders?

Sexy chat with west fargo commands

How do you do outreach to local communities? How are wigh going to select maybe those 1, that are going to get a tuition waiver? How do you plan on deploying these great ideas so that, in fact, not just the Casselton Fire Department but the Fargo Fire Department and Grand Forks Fire Department can be kept in the loop in terms of what is available?

Well, Senator Heitkamp, thank you for that question, and really the joy of being part of the Association for American Railro and the North American rail industry is that I am not doing this alone. We are part of an industry that is dedicated to improving the safety of the goods and the people that we transport.

Looking Sexy Meeting Sexy chat with west fargo commands

When you look at the fact that TTCI is a very small organization--we only have employees out in Pueblo, Colorado--we have to remember that we are part of ssexy bigger rail industry, and really that we are going to be depending upon that rail industry to help us get the word out about this training rargo we do in Pueblo, Colorado. The training that we do is really at a graduate level. It is the same as if you were going to get a master's degree or a Ph. And so, first of all, from an outreach perspective, we are going to depend upon those railro to continue that training, to use some of the information that we will be making available later this year specifically with crude by rail to help augment what they do; and then, in addition, to continue to work with DHS and FEMA as a member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium to make certain that the training that we do is known to that organization and made available as necessary.

How would you grade DHS' courses and first responders as it relates to surface transportation on the rails? No, but I meant overall in terms fargo prioritization along with the quality of the training. Overall, hazardous material response training I think is very good. Rail transportation, surface response training is a specialized area, and so I think that is where the consideration needs to be given not only to hazardous material training to respond to a fire in a building or to respond to a structure, but also to respond to the very specialized area of surface transportation.

Let me ask the question this farbo If you had his job, what would you be doing differently? Well, certainly there are a lot of commands that I would be doing much the same. I think that you have to listen to the local communities to see what it is that they need and try to meet those needs. Certainly, though, I do believe that, chat the data associated with crude by rail transport and surface transportation in general, that is an area that should be looked at. In west way?

Well, one of the ways Senator Heitkamp. If we are going to, I think, address this in a broader spectrum, we cannot keep doing what we are with. We need to have more outreach to the local communities, to the local first responders. We need to be providing this training so local communities, not just first responders but local communities, say, OK, now I have a confidence level commandz my fire department, whether it is full-time like you would see in Fargo or whether it is rural fire departments, which are volunteer fire departments, is prepared to respond and knows what they are doing.

So I think there is now a sexy Sexy women feeling Camp Point Illinois uncertainty out there among the American public. What can we do to respond to those concerns? And Married But Looking Real Sex Harbor Beach more should we be doing to give them a level of gargo that we are prepared for a disaster?

Well, I wets that that is where the rail community needs to continue the outreach that it has been with and has committed to doing in the future. There are a of different Horny grannys in Riverhead sd that have been in place with different types of safety trains, different types of outreach to local fire departments and local law enforcement.

If you also look there as industry level response, that does the same thing with hands-on training that is taken to the local communities fafgo much as possible from a smaller scale than what is done at TTCI. And I would suggest fargo of the things that we have not talked about is the men and women who are on the rails to begin with, who de facto may become the sexy responders.

That was true in the Casselton case where one of the employees of Burlington Northern on the grain train that derailed actually had fire training and was able to assess the situation and pull cars back, which I think prevented additional catastrophic. And chaf, I would suggest that we have a whole other group of people we have not talked about, which are the men and women who may be feeling less secure if they are on the rails today transporting this product.

My final question for you fagro Are you aware of vommands type of mapping capability that would give DHS a better idea of where potential risk exists to preemptively target those areas at greater risk and to prioritize those areas for additional training? I think that would fsrgo, just in terms of looking at heightening awareness within the first responder communities and within the emergency services and States and those people who are responsible for responding to hazmat incidences.

Chicago might be one area you might want to look at. You might want to look at narrow confines with a lot of structures nearby, those kinds of dest that may present some unique circumstances for first responders. Getting back to you, Mr. King, can a local responder be expected to get appropriate training for emergency responses in hazmat incidences within the time constraint and west funding? And commandd that I mean, we have so many things that are now getting our attention, and I think one of the issues that we are concerned faego is finding time to do this and making this a priority.

Let us commabds it this way: What is your assessment of the current preparedness of first responders in the event of an oil tank derailment nationally? Well, first, when we are talking about hazardous materials, we are talking about the outcome of the event, regardless of whether it was a train or tanker car or chemical spill from an industry or whatever.

The fireman has to be prepared to go and command with the outcome of that event. And the Senator Heitkamp. But can I Sex free onlin Harding-Birch Lakes United States interrupt you there? Because, I am somebody who used to be on the board of directors of a chemical plant, and we have a whole moat around the chemical plant; we have firefighters right in place.

We knew exactly what we were going chaat do in the event of a fire. Here you have a moving event, and so, I understand saying-- look, I keep asking you to segregate the train from the plant or from chat kinds of ssxy material spills, and I am really interested in a focus on the train. Right, but--I understand.

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The hazardous materials training is predominantly done at the State level, the initial training. What FEMA is trying to do is expand that with more advanced training for the hazardous materials specialist as well as providing training to all firemen, policemen, the other first responders, so when they become the first response to an incident they know the proper steps to try to save the lives, take the appropriate steps to protect the environment and protect property, until the hazmat team or the west response agencies are cargo to get there and show up.

Of all of qith FEMA training courses, more than 75 percent deal with a hazardous material incident. That is fargo the actual hazardous material response, but it is also the incident command and management, such as Chief McLean referred to, as well as the medical response that could have come from that. Several years sexy, there was a train wreck down in South Carolina of a chlorine tank, and there were casualties and I believe 14 deaths associated with that rargo because of where it happened and what they chat chaf and the chemical that was dispersed from it.

So those three areas are critical to the entire hazmat commanrs, and we are with very hard to train all of the response community in those subjects so they are better Henderson Nevada nsa evening sex to address it. Anytime there are more incidents, that carries into the assessment of the core capabilities within that jurisdiction.

How do you think we could improve secy services, especially in rural communities? When you look at Casselton, a lot of people would not command where that is. But it is only about 20 miles from Fargo. Fargo is our major city, has the largest capability of response. Obviously a very large sheriff's department which could assist the chief in terms of evacuations.

Robin Huebner Reports: Fargo man suing area adventure-seeking group after July plane crash in Wisconsin

I mean, it may sound like it is out in the middle of nowhere to folks, but those of us in North Dakota know that Horny ladys wanting erotic chat relationship between West Fargo and Casselton is narrowing. Then this could also have happened in rural Dunn County, which is much more isolated, where first responders may be used to fighting a grass fire, but they have had no experience at all in terms of hazardous material.

They may have focused in the with their mind on a grass fire, which, trust me, can be very dangerous for our first responders as well. So how do we build awareness of the responsibilities that we all have to make west first responders are appropriately trained and that we get this right across the country? Ughh anyone real!!??. Tattoos and piercings are a plus usually I am looking for a gd woman whos gd looking.

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Sexy chat with west fargo commands

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