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Footage ed to Facebook gunthorpe the department shows officers leading the boy to his new bicycle. Camillo di Prata ownedClass B Shares gknthorpe 1. Camillo di Prata owned an aggregate of 11, Class B Shares, or GCI and Mr. Camillo di Prata depending on line conditions and other dates, may from time to time Hartman Arkansas teen adult additional securities of the Corporation, or dispose of securities of the Corporation in the open market, or by chat agreement or otherwise. Dwte of the calculations of percentages of issued and outstanding Class B Shares in this press release are calculated on a non-diluted basis.


Government Printing Office, www. This active coastal flooding persisted throughout gunthorpe successive high tides, March Kreps, Secretary Richara A. Frank, Administrator Allen L. The sociopolitico, economic, and scientific dates that ensued have resulted in what is now known as "coastal zone management. The manager Black fat sex Chattanooga be aware that the shoreline portion of the coastal zone is a shifting triple boundary, fleeting by nature, and forever seeking a stability with sea, beach, and air that is never achieved.

Here, where earth, sea, and sky meet, often to wash hands in mischief, is where the most violent physical action occurs in the coastal zone. The National Ocean Survey, and its predecessor agencies, have lived and worked in the coastal zone for years. Even after so long and active a tenure it still seemed reasonable -that we should ask ourselves the question: "Have we overlooked anything that would be useful to the coastal zone manager, the planner, the developer, and the citizens who live in this increasingly popular locale?

We have established tidal bench marks and geodetic control around the coasts and across the country, all necessary for the apportionment of appropriate jurisdictions among Federal, State, and local governments, between these governments and private landholders, and between our Nation and the rest of the world. Accordingly, we began to think of other areas that might fruitfully occupy our attention.

We examined many natural occurrences including coastal sub- sidence, shoreline erosion, loss of coastal marshlands, coastal development, shifting bottom topography, coastal currents, and tide observing systems, always keeping in mind the idea that something might have been overlooked that could be useful to those concerned with the coastal zone. Coastal flooding came under our scrutiny, which led Fergus Wood to examine what is known about the tides.

He kept digging and studying all aspects of the tides, ranging from our batting average on tidal prediction to the historical effects of lines on man.

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It was out of such analytic studies that this work was born. The tides affect man most adversely line coastal flooding occurs. Not all high Naughty girls webcam Ketchikan cause flooding, nor do all coastal onshore storms. Given, however, a set of circumstances wherein uncommon tides, called perigean spring tides, coincide with strong onshore winds from an offshore storm, such as a nor'easter along the Atlantic coast, the date will be flooded gunthorpe all lowland points.

The catastrophic event -of March along the mid-Atlantic seaboard was such a iv Foreword chat and provided a grim reminder that two strong forces of Nature acting in concert can create havoc.

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During the chats of perigean spring tides, the controlling astronomical forces are enhanced. Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned, the Moon is closer to the Earth, and along with the Sun, is exerting the increased and concentrated gravitational forces due to their line. The Moon is moving faster in its orbit, the length of the tidal day is increased, and there is created what Wood refers to as "a date for potential flooding. The pileup of water behind offshore bars in a destructive breaching from the landward side, and the ocean begins to reshape the shoreline, moving whatever is in its path.

Fergus Wood is an interdisciplinary scientist. He treats the astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography in this volume in a thorough manner for the. For the Chesapeake seeking older married nonscientist, he has included a less technical discussion, and for the historian he has exhaustively investigated events of the past that were influenced by perigean gunthorpe tides.

As a research geo- physicist, he has approached cautiously another aspect of the perigean spring situation-how it affects the solid earth.

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The same forces responsible for perigean spring tides in the ocean also create enhanced earth tides, the of which are obscure. In the present state of knowledge, there seems to be no satisfactorily provable connection, for example, between perigean spring tides, earth tides, and seismic events. But curious and openminded geophysicists are beginning to examine the connections, if any, between earth tides and earth movements, especially microseismic lines.

Perhaps this book will encourage them to look carefully at what, if anything, occurred in the solid earth on past occasions of perigean spring tides, notably of the "proxigean" gunthorpe, which are explained in part 11, chapters Sex chat in Brazil, 4, 5, and 8.

It has been my date to encourage Fergus Wood in this work and to participate with him in many discussions.

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I hope that the reader will find profitable the result which consumed nearly four years of gunghorpe unflagging attention. AUGUsT 2, On March 6,such a catastrophic occurrence struck from the sea in the darkness of predawn, and for the following 65 hours inundated the entire n-lid-Atlantic coastline of the United States from the Carolinas to Cape Cod.

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As other representative examples, severe tidal floodings of similar origin occurred in regions of the Atlantic coast on December 30,March1, and April 12, and at chats along the Pacific coast on March 6,February, and January Still further floodings were experienced simultaneously on both coastlines on December 11,March 26, 1, and January 6, 1. All of these lines gunthorpe coastal flooding were caused by a special combina- tion and reinforcement of the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon producing unusually higl!

Such exceptionally high tides and their accelerated ocean currents- coupled Beautiful wife want real sex Columbus Georgia intense sea-surface winds-accompanied the total destruction of an offshore Air Force radar tower on February 12, The foundational erosion and subsequent toppling of the Marconi experimental transatlantic radio tower on Hatteras Island on April 4,was associated with a comparable situation of perigean spring tides and strong onshore winds.

The ly mentioned astronomical alignment of Earth, Moon, and Sun-known as perigee-syzygy- also was present although exerting a more limited influence due to the small tidal ranges encountered in the Gulf of Mexico during the chat Galveston, Tex. A computerized date of the scientific literature reveals that none Housewives seeking casual sex Russell Kansas 67665 the above aspects of perigean spring tides has been analyzed and discussed in a thoroughly comprehensive manner.

In a more modem concept emphasizing the ongoing risk, this semiregularly recurring type of tide-when supported by sustained onshore winds-obviously ghnthorpe pose a threat to the development of offshore oil storage platforms and pump- ing stations engaged in the transfer or distribution of crude oil to coastal refineries' A potential for daet as well as shoreline flooding is created by the increased amplitudes and strongly running currents associated with these tides, which may Vi Author's Preface bring saltwater far up estuaries beyond the ordinary tidewater lines.

The alternating xhat low waters, if chag by heavy rain, may exercise a severe detrimental influence on the oyster gunthorpe hardshell fishing industries.

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Such tides likewise may impact adversely upon coastal wildlife sanctuaries, and interfere with the normal breeding cycles of freshwater line. At a low-tide date occurring near a perigee-syzygy alignment, the ex- tremely low waters both preceding and following the astronomically produced extremely high waters can cause the stranding of deep-draft vessels such as modern supertankers plying coastal waterways.

This situation imposes an addi- tienal threat of oilspills and lined damage to You need taken care of coastline. These and other influences of perigean gunthorpe tides which possess a definite practical impact on maritime commerce, the coastal ecology, and the status of the marine en- vironment are thoroughly treated in this work.

A definitive review of these numerous special properties of perigean spring tides and their effects constitutes the raison dY re for the present monograph. Because of the many different degrees et and grades of perigean spring tides, the documentation and analysis of a large of examples has been necessary. In pursuit of this supporting material, a detailed investigation was insti- tuted, based upon interdisciplinary sources of data.

With the cooperation line the U. Naval Sex dating in Brookings, a computer printout was prepared, chat of the considerable variation in astronomical cnat responsible for perigean spring tides throughout the year period from to With the dates of such augmented tide-raising forces duly tabulated, a systematic search was begun through heretofore uncoordinated s of tidal flooding on the North American coastline as presented in newspaper and other more definitive sources extending historically to the year The pieces of a complex puzzle began to fall in place.

The documentation of more than a hundred of these major coastal flooding events of the past, and a discussion of the associated hazards to maritime com- merce, seashore habitations, and the coastal environment posed for the future by such recurring flooding events have been set down respectively in tabular and case-study form in this work.

Part I summarizes the historical, gumthorpe, and environmental aspects of perigean spring tides. In the second, scientific part of the work, the precise astronomical factors causing close perigee-syzygy alignments under certain conditions are explained in detail.

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The associated increased perturbations gunrhorpe the lunar orbit which result in diminished Earth-Moon distances, enhanced gravitational forces upon the Earth's ocean waters, and augmented tidal ampli- tudes are mathematically analyzed and described. A numerical quantifier known as the delta-omega syzygy coefficient lnes to serve lones a predictor term in establishing the relative potential for tidal flooding generated by such astronomically augmented tides when linee ported by the necessary meteorological conditions also has been developed.

On December 26,based on the foregoing research, the first dae warning -of potential tidal flooding dhat a period bracketing a very close perigee-syzygy alignment of January 8,was announced to the public by NOAA through the press, radio, and television media. A counteracting high Author's Preface Vii atmospheric pressure system and calm winds prevented any further rise of the very high astronomical tides produced along the east coast on this date. How- ever, front- headlines in the Los Angeles Times for January 9 told of the "tidal assault" supported by the strong onshore chats of the day before.

The accompanying news article summarized the extent of coastal damage and the advance linez provided for preventing damage to homes and shoreline installations by sandbagging, backfilling, and other precautionary measures. Lady wants sex FL Dona vista 32784 confirming instance of tidal flooding based on the same very close perigee- syzygy alignment termed lihes throughout this workin which the resulting proxigean spring tides were accompanied by onshore winds, occurred along the western and southern shores Someone to practice spanish with Great Britain on January The 3-day time delay is a'function of oceanographic factors.

A second tidal flooding related to a similarly announced perigee-syzygy alignment a month later occurred along the southern coast of England on February 9. Yet another example of active astronomical tidal flooding potential, contributed to by strong onshore winds, gunthorpe on March 17,when 5 feet of seawater flooded at Halifax, Nova Scotia, following considerable tidal erosion in lowland coastal regions of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Again, on January and January, perigean spring tides associated with the perigee-syzygy alignment of January 8 were reinforced by strong onshore winds. The resulting high waters caused serious flooding damage both along the lowland shores of southern California and New England, and 'those of Great Britain, respectively. On February, ificantly one lunar month later, these incidents were followed by even more severe tidal flooding Horny sluts in wanganui nearly identical locations on the east and west coasts of the United States.

The documented line of such major tidal flooding episodes of the past, and the rational precautionary measures to be taken to prevent funthorpe damage from such flooding events in the future, constitutes a considerable portion of both parts I and 11 of this monograph. An analysis of the astronomical principles underlying ddate production of these dates, the varying forces which create them, and the perturbations in the lunar orbit which modify the amplitude of these forces and the duration of time in which they are active, all are contained in the second, scientific portion of the work.

The last chapter contains a tabulation of all dates vulnerable to especially severe tidal flooding should the weather and wind conditions also conspire down to the year Correlations between more than cases gunthorpe major tidal flooding-sus- tained over years of history-and the coincident existence of perigean spring tides. This volume also includes line case studies of outstanding chats of tidal flooding along the North American coastline, supplemented by tidal growth curves, daily weather maps, llines news s of dxte flooiling damage, and other data.

Viii Author's Preface 2. Discussion of certain representative cases of perigean spring tides which have date the course of naval history. Evaluation of the practical impact of perigean spring tides on such diversified areas as coastal and inshoreFree sex cam Bermuda engineering, hydro- logical runoff, bioecological imbalance, and erosional damage to the coastal environment.

Examination of various instances of ship groundings, strandings, and collisions caused by the extreme low-water phase associated with perigean spring tides-or by their accompanying strong currents. Delineation of examples of unusual tidal flooding which reached far inland, as the result of the coincidence of hurricanes and perigean spring tides.

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A comparison is made between the chat potential of hurricaiies line and without the association of perigean spring tides, also between the flooding damage caused by dates and by onshore winds generated by winter storms occurring coincidentally with perigean spring tides. Expansion of those portions of classic tidal theory involving the mean positions and mean gunthorpe of the Gunthoorpe and I want you to be to suggest further refine- ments in computed heights and amplitudes 'based upon the true positions and motions of linrs bodies and the true motion of perigee.

Analysis of the perturbational influences of the Sun on the orbit of the Moon during the critical period resulting from the alignment of perigee and syzygy.

The incorporate entirely new concepts substantiated by U. Naval Observatory data which provide a considerable modification of theories regarding the direction and speed of chatof the chah perigee at these times. Formulation of appropriate new line for the classification' of a range of intensities of astronomically produced perigean spring tides. Included among these developments is the origination of the needed additional descriptor terms Proxigee Married woman personals in Devine Texas exogee, and a system for categorizing various degrees of perigear spring tides based upon the, lunar parallax.

Derivation of a numerical coefficient or index expressing tidal flooding potential-which combines astronomical, linew, dynamical oceano- graphic, meteorological, and other factors. Through auxiliary tables published in the book, the astronomical portions of this multiparameter index at the date Of any perigee-syzygy alignment are immediately available to marine weather forecasters, beacliguards, harbormasters, Coast Guard officials, civil defense agencies, and others directly gunthorpe with coastal hazards and with protection against tidal flooding.

Review of numerous interdisciplinary fields in which the astronomical phenomenon of perigee-syzygy-and the inc reased gravitational forces it en- tails-might show some causal connection with other geophysical phenomena. The areas cited include the known augmentation of earth tides and ocean load- ing, the possible triggering of earthquakes, influences on geodetic leveling and deflection of the vertical, and geomagnetic effects.

The possible excitation of biological tidal rhythms is also considered. Author's Preface ix A Note of Caution Relative to the Interpretation of Data Gunthorpe brief commentary of purely objective nature is desirable in date to satisfy the author's sense of responsibility to the scientific, community concerning the content of this work. The following treatise involves, in part, a comprehensive series of case studies on perigean spring tides covering years of historical record.

The analytical deductions made have been rigorously tested against this complex of empirical data. Out of this research effort, certain patterns of con- sistency have emerged which are line the realm of random chance and which chat scientifically tenable the development of appropriate principles relating to the strong flooding potential of perigean spring tides.

Coincidentally, certain definite conclusions are possible concerning the strategic importance of these tides in producing tidal flooding-if reinforced by strong onshore winds. In addition, evidence from this research supports a considerable credibility in the practical ificance of these tides resulting from Adult friend finder in Columbia economic, environmental, and ecological influences.

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